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Open Educational Resources (OER): Open pedagogy

A guide for faculty and staff at Seattle Central College who wish to adopt or create OER materials

What is open pedagogy?

What is Open Pedagogy? 

Open pedagogy "rethink[s] the relationship between teachers, students, and knowledge. ..where..teachers and students become learners together, and “content” becomes a dynamic, always changing category with which we engage rather than a stable set of facts to be mastered." 
Ross, Heather M.  "April Open Perspective: What is Open Pedagogy?" 2017 Open Perspectives. Year of Open. 

Examples of open pedagogy

Spectrum of Open Practice

2 arrows represent a spectrum of open education resources and open education pedagogy, moving left to right from less open to more open

Image Description


Spectrum of Open Education


Two parallel arrows pointing to the right, representing a spectrum of least open to more open education practices.

The top arrow is subtitled Resources and is colored green.

The bottom arrow is subtitles Pedagogy and is colored blue.

There are 5 boxes lined up in a row on the green Resources arrow.  From left to right they are labelled:

  • Students buy ​high-cost resources​.
  • Students buy affordable resources​.
  • Institution pays ​for resources.
  • Instructor selects ​free resources.
  • Students & instructor collaborate to create resources​.

There are 3 boxes lined up in a row on the blue Pedagogy arrow.  From left to right they are labelled:

  • Instructor gives students ​fixed/static, downloadable knowledge​.
  • Instructor continuously ​revises knowledge.
  • Students and instructor ​actively participate in knowledge construction​.