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Open Educational Resources (OER): Open Textbooks & Journals

A guide for faculty and staff at Seattle Central College who wish to adopt or create OER materials

What is ... ?

An open textbook is an openly-licensed textbook offered online by its author(s). The open license sets open textbooks apart from traditional textbooks by allowing users to read online, download, or print the book at no additional cost.

For a textbook to be considered open, it must be licensed in a way that grants a baseline set of rights to users that are less restrictive than its standard copyright. A license or list of permissions must be clearly stated by the author.

Source:  Varied Characterizations of Open Textbooks by Open Access Textbooks

Open access (OA) refers to online research outputs that are free of all restrictions on access (e.g. access tolls) and free of many restrictions on use (e.g. certain copyright and license restrictions). Open access can be applied to all forms of published research output, including peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed. 

Source: "Open Access" Wikipedia article

Where to Find Open Textbooks

Child Development Resources

A list of free textbooks

NOBA -- Mostly psychology, but some seem to relate to child development

National Academies Press -- These are free to read online & to download as a pdf but a printed copy costs ~$40 – scroll down the page to see all of them.

CK-12 -- Textbook resources for elementary schools.

OpenLearn -- These are free online courses.


Developmental Psychology Open Textbook from African Virtual University

Several online modules on Childhood health and development

This is a free child development lesson for educational purposes from AAAS but not OER so no adaptations (use as-is).

Growth Stages 1: Infancy and Early Childhood

NOBA: Attachment Through the Life Course

Cognitive Development in Childhood

Educational Psychology


NOBA -- Social and Personality Development in Childhood  


NOBA – Development


Where to Find Open Journals