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HEC Highlights: From the Display to the Digital: Home

The goal of this guild is to create a stable public facing space to explore the topics highlighted in the HEC library. These traditional book displays will translate beyond the stacks into the digital space for further exploration.


The HEC highlights series is a take on book displays that explores a topic from the perspective of authorship. This is a methodology for uplifting important voices in health and engaging with larger narratives around their work. This may span from specific book titles, to articles and podcasts of interest. This is meant to be a multimedia for exploring important current events and topics in health, as well as acknowledging the harmful past and present.


Below you will find some grounding materials in understanding this approach and the need for further work towards this goal.

Who's Voice is Heard?: Publishing

Loui, M., & Fiala, S. C. (2024). Inequities in Academic Publishing: Where Is the Evidence and What Can Be Done? American Journal of Public Health (1971), 114(4), 377–381.  



Who's Missing?: Gaps in Research

Martínez-García, M., Villegas Camacho, J. M., & Hernández-Lemus, E. (2022). Connections and Biases in Health Equity and Culture Research: A Semantic Network Analysis. Frontiers in public health, 10, 834172.