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Library Policy: General Policies

Behavior & Conduct

The Library has the responsibility to provide a pleasant, orderly facility conducive to concentrated and effective use of library materials and services.  The library staff has the responsibility for maintaining order in the library to assure a pleasant experience for all users. To meet this responsibility, the staff will need to intervene courteously, but firmly, in situations at the library that present danger to the safety of persons or property, interfere with the rights of others, constitute disturbing or inappropriate uses of the library and that involve the commission of illegal acts.

  1. Disruptive behavior and conditions will not be permitted. This includes disorderly conduct, noise or activity, offensive hygiene or appearance, whether intentional or inadvertent, that interferes with the rights of others, physical abuse, abusive or threatening language and misuse of library furnishings.  Patrons shall be engaged in normal activities associated with the use of an academic library while in the library. Patrons not engaged in reading, studying, or using library materials may be asked to leave the facility.
  2. Violation of library policy will not be permitted.
  3. When the behavior or condition of a patron violates library policy or constitutes a disruption which interferes with the use of the library by other patrons or which interferes with a staff member's completion of his/her duties, the following progressive steps will be taken:
    1. The library staff member will issue a verbal warning, with the statement that the person(s) will be told to leave if the behavior/condition in question does not cease.
    2. If the disruptive behavior/condition continues after the verbal warning, the staff member will tell the person(s) to leave the library.
    3. If there is difficulty in getting the person(s) to leave the library, the staff member will call Campus Security at 587-5422.
  4. Expulsion from the Library and/or loss of library privileges may result from violations of library policy or disruptive behavior in accordance with the SCCD Student Code of Conduct for students or WAC 132F-136-050 for non-students and staff.
  5. Information on each incident will be documented on an Incident Report form. This confidential information may be used in any decision to restrict the individual’s use of the library.

WAC 132F-136-050 Trespass.

(1)   Individuals who are not students or members of the faculty or staff and who violate these regulations will be advised of the specific nature of the violation, and if they persist in the violation, they will be requested by the campus president, or his/her designee, to leave the college property. Such a request will be deemed to prohibit the entry of, withdraw the license or privilege to enter onto or remain upon any portion of the college facilities by the person or group of persons requested to leave, and subject such individuals to arrest under the provisions of chapter 9A.52 RCW.

(2)   Members of the college community (students, faculty, and staff) who do not comply with these regulations will be reported to the appropriate college office or agency for action in accord with established college policies.

(3)   Persons who violate or are in violation of a district policy may have their license or privilege to be on district property revoked and be ordered to withdraw from and refrain from entering upon any district property. Remaining on or reentering district property after one's license or privilege to be on district property has been revoked shall constitute trespass and such individual shall be subject to arrest for criminal trespass.


Consistent with the American Library Association Code of Ethics, this policy protects the right to privacy for library users. The policy complies with RCW 42.56.310 (library records) and RCW 42.56.320 (educational records) and the Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records adopted by the Council of the American Library Association.[1]

All personal information and circulation records pertaining to library users will be kept confidential regardless of the source of inquiry, except for purposes directly related to managing library materials.[2]

Guidelines for User Records

Confidentiality extends to all records with identifying information about our library users. Library staff follow the guidelines below with respect to user privacy:

  • All information in the patron database is for library use only and is confidential.
  • Borrower information about a particular item will not be released. The library will act as an intermediary when a recall for a borrowed item is necessary.
  • Due date information for circulating library materials will be made available upon request.
  • Upon request, the library will inform faculty of the number of times a course reserve item has circulated. User identity is confidential except to resolve a delinquency in returning materials. Faculty may be asked to contact a student to recover delinquent materials.
  • All issues and legal actions are referred to the Dean for Instructional Resources for appropriate action. Information will be released to the proper college and/or state authorities by the Dean for Instructional Resources only pursuant to a legally authorized process, order, or subpoena.[3]

Examples of information that will not be shared:

  • The identity of the borrower for a particular item
  • The borrowing record for any student for any reason
  • Information about borrowing, such as fines or fees owed
  • Addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers, or other personal information found in the patron database
  • The identity of those who signed in to use study rooms or other library services
  • Suggested acquisitions from a particular individual