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Library Policy

Collection Development Policy


Gifts are accepted with the provision that they will be evaluated for inclusion in the collection in the same manner as other materials. Unusable gifts will be sold, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of according to the discretion of the Dean for Instructional Resources.

The library cannot legally appraise gifts for tax purposes. Donors may request a signed and dated gift statement as a receipt.

Intellectual Freedom

The library provides a broad range of materials representing diverse points of view on current and historical issues in order to help students develop critical and analytical skills. No material will be excluded from the collection or exhibit space because of race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, or the political, religious, philosophical or social views of the author. The library adheres to the following documents which are appended to and part of the policy.

Access to library materials will not be restricted other than to protect materials from theft or damage. Reserve service will be provided to allow equal access to assigned materials. Other materials may be placed on Reserve to support special collections or to protect items from theft or damage. Selected materials such as reference books and some media do not circulate. Challenges to material held in the collection will be referred directly to the Dean for Instructional Resources. Challenged materials that meet the criteria of this policy will not be removed under any legal or extra-legal pressure.

Supporting Documents (see Collection Development Policy)

  • The Library Bill of Rights (Appendix I)
  • Exhibit Spaces and Meeting Rooms (Appendix II)
  • Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks (Appendix III)
  • American Library Association's Freedom to Read Statement and the ALA's Interpretations to the Library Bill of Rights. Intellectual Freedom Manual, 8thedition, American Library Association, 2010 (Appendix IV)
  • American Library Association Code of Ethics (Appendix V)

Theft & Mutilation

Theft and mutilation of library materials is a punishable offense as defined by the Revised Code of Washington:

RCW 27.12.330 Penalty for injury to property:

"Whoever intentionally injures, defaces or destroys any property belonging to or deposited in any public library, reading room, or other educational institution, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor."

See also:

  • RCW 9A.56.050 Theft in the third degree
  • RCW 9A.20.021 Maximum sentences for crimes committed July 1, 1984 and after

If a person is found to have stolen or attempted to steal or mutilate library property, security will be called and an incident report generated.

Revised April 2005

Display & Topic Guide Policy

The Seattle Central College Library uses displays to support college curriculum, promote library resources/collections, and complement the library’s mission. 

The library has two primary display areas: by the front entrance (includes bulletin board) and behind the reference desk. The display by the front entrance typically stays up for a full quarter, while the display space behind the reference desk holds shorter-term displays. 

The library also creates online topic guides which contain relevant resources and information. Links to these topic guides are temporarily featured on the library homepage when relevant, e.g. in recognition of a holiday or event. 

The library does consider suggestions for displays and topic guides. If tied to a certain event, holiday, date, or program, suggestions must be made at least one month in advance.  

Criteria for Topic Selection includes:  

  • Availability of display space 

  • Relevance to community interests 

  • Relevance to college curriculum 

  • Substantial library resources (books, DVDs, etc.) to support display topic 

  • Adheres to library’s Intellectual Freedom policy 

Last updated November 2020