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APPRL131: Business Practices in Fashion: Company profiles

Apparel company profile

This page will help students in Apparel 131, Business Practices in Fashion, complete their company profile assignment.

Columbia Sportswear Company Logo

Image Source:  Wikimedia


Nordstrom Logo

Image Source:  Wikimedia


REI logo

Image Source: Wikimedia

Company / Industry information

Two library databases for finding company information and industry analysis are:


And some "free" web sources to check out:

Media coverage

Use the following tools to find media coverage of your company:

Social Media

Linked In Headquarters in Mountain View, California

Image Source: Wikimedia

LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook: a social network for jobs, companies, and business. You can use the basic search box at the top of the LinkedIn home page to search for companies and people. Though some information might be brief, it's a great place to look if you can't find anything in more traditional media outlets.

Glassdoor is kind of like Yelp, but with company information instead of restaurant information. The default search is for jobs, but you can change the search to Companies & Reviews for more relevant information. Also contains salary information.

Try searching Comparably for information similar to that on Glassdoor.

Public or private?

Is the company public or private?

Public companies are required to file financial statements like balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flow with the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). This information is then publicly available through sites like EDGAR. In EDGAR search results, look for Form 10-K, which is a company's annual report, or report to their shareholders. It's usually the easiest format to read this type of information.

Private companies, on the other hand, are required to present no such information to the public. This makes researching private companies more difficult.

An easy way to find out if a company is public or private is to search Google Finance. If you see a ticker, or stock price box, the company is public.

Company web sites

Use Google to find your company's web site. Company web sites generally include information like company/business description, company history, organizational mission and goals, and more.

Look for sections called about, investor relations (which might include the annual report), history, and mission.