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District Book Read 23-24: Hijab Butch Blues: A Memoir: Discussion Toolkit

District Book Read 2023

Discussion Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to help participants prepare to engage in a rich and rewarding discussion about Hijab Butch Blues.

Resources for Discussion:

  • APA Inclusive Language Guide: a guide from the American Psychological Association with definitions and context around terms that was “written to raise awareness, direct learning, and support the use of culturally sensitive terms and phrases that center the voices and perspectives of those who have been historically marginalized or stereotyped.” 
  • Countering and Dismantling Islamophobia: A Comprehensive Guide for Individuals and Organizations: from the Institution for Social Policy and Change "This toolkit is a collection of resources and proven best practices to empower communities and individuals to effectively counter and dismantle Islamophobia in its various forms."

Community Agreements for District Book Read Discussions

  • We center the experiences of identities shared by the author, primarily Queer Muslim community members. 
  • Our community members’ identities are not up for debate.
  • Speak from your own experience and identity only.
  • Comfort is not guaranteed: the kind of learning and community building we hope to create in these discussions will probably require us to get to the edge of our “comfort zones.” It is okay to sit with discomfort and be curious about it. 
  • We challenge ourselves to say what we really mean: try to communicate with care and empathy, but honestly; we value being genuine.  
  • Make space, take space: Share airtime and monitor how much you have been talking. If you are taking up less than others, empower yourself to speak up. 
  • Allow space for emotions to be expressed; and notice when you get emotional – what are your emotions teaching you? 
  • Facilitators have the right to question community input and possibly even mute or remove folks whose comments may be harming centered community members.  
  • For folks who want to talk out their discomfort and who the facilitators feel could benefit from small group or 1:1 conversation, breakout rooms during discussion may be available. 


Resources related to themes in Hijab Butch Blues  


Community Resources

Additional Community Resources:


    A coalition that sponsors events, provides resources, and builds community. 

Check out their facebook page for more information!