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HUM110: Intro to Film, Leonard Rifas: Get Started: Reference

? Why Reference ?

An excellent place to begin learning about your topic and gathering background information!
Table of contents outlines what's covered and how it's organized.  Entries are often written by subject experts.  Bibliographies lead you to more sources on the topic.  Indexes help you build a list of keywords/search terms.

Browse by Call Number

The library shelves are labeled with call numbers for different subjects.  The call number for the 'film' section is:

PN 1993-1999
Motion Pictures

Online Encyclopedias

Search GVRL Encyclopedias

GVRL Encyclopedias
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Search Terms

All words are not created equal.

Search terms can be a person's name or a movie title:

Tarantino  |  Jennifer Lawrence  |  Xavier Dolan  |  one nine nine four  |  Coco Chanel  |  Ridley Scott  |  etc.

You can also type in important words/phrases that describe your topic question:

Vietnam War movies  |  film production schools and Seattle  |  screenwriters and culture  |  microbiology in film  |  Disney princesses  |  special effects and action movies  |  DC superhero movies  |  "triple-threat" performers and film  |  Holocaust in film  |  animal actors and film  |  Kim Jong Il and movies