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ANTH 204: Introduction to Archaeology: Primary Sources

Primary Sources?

... are original reports, artifacts found or photographs that were created of them.

Ephesus image courtesy of Kelley McHenry

Includes photographs, newspaper articles, diaries, letters, speeches, and more.

They are great pieces of evidence to help support your arguments in an historical paper.

Northwest Archives & Museums

Archaeological Site Reports

Search Google putting the name of your site, e.g.: kennewick archaeological site report

Abzu  Guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean. Provides access to, preserves and archives archaeological data from excavations.

Archive of Mesopotamian Archaeological Site Reports  The aim of the AMAR project is to digitize 500 archaeological site reports describing archaeological excavations both in Iraq and in the immediately surrounding areas (Turkey, Syria, Iran and the Gulf).

ArchNet Designed to promote appreciation, understanding, and knowledge about archaeology and the preservation and interpretation of cultural resources, both prehistoric and historic. As you browse through ArchNet you are invited to discover links to thousands of web presentations devoted to archaeology, ancient sites, and artifact studies. The content of these presentations is not stored within ArchNet, rather the ArchNet web site provides indexes, searches, and links to this growing body of diverse educational resources.

Archaeology Data Service  Collects, describes, catalogues, preserves, and provides user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research.

Archaeology Reports Online Archaeologists may volunteer to submit and share reports.

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center  Site reports and databases.