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ENVS 204: Intro to Soil Science: Evaluate & Cite

This is a course guide for research in ENVS 204.

  Criteria & Questions

Wooden Gavel

"My Trusty Gavel" by Brian Turner is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Evaluate all information carefully.

Web sites present additional challenges.

Use the evaluation criteria below to determine the quality of information sources.


What is the source trying to do: entertain? persuade? sell? inform?


Who's responsible for the information? author?  publisher?


Is the information correct? true?  How does it compare with others?


Is it inherently biased? Are there other sides to the story?


Is the information up-to-date? timely?


How much detail is included?  What’s excluded?

Citation Style

A good researcher uses a standard citation format to identify the information used and give credit to its creator. Consistency is crucial.

Citation Management

Choose an appropriate citation format & track your citations using a system of your choice:

  • Paper notecards (very retro)
  • Excel or Word (a little retro)
  • Noodletools (courtesy of your library)
  • Zotero (Firefox extension)