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This guide will help students in ESL and ABE programs learn about the library and find resources to help them in their studies.

Have questions?

If you have questions about using the library, you can ask a librarian!

Ask in person: Come to the Research Help Desk in the library. The library hours are available at https://libguides.seattlecentral.edu/library/hours

Phone Ask over the phone: (206) 934-5421

Chat message symbol Email envelopeAsk by chat or email: https://libguides.seattlecentral.edu/library/ask

Introduction to Your Library

You can watch this video with subtitles by selecting the "CC" icon on the bottom of the video player.

Library Words to Know

Check Out

To borrow something and take it home.

Circulation Desk

The place where you check out and return books and other library items.

Due Date

The date when something needs to be returned to the library.

ESL Collection

The shelves with easy-to-read books to help with English language skills. You can borrow them for 2 weeks to read at home.


Stories that are not true.


Money you have to pay for late reserve items or lost items.


The friendly people at the Research Help Desk who teach you how to find and use the best information.

Media Collection

The shelves where videos and CDs are kept. You can borrow them for 1 week to watch at home.


Facts and opinions about real people, places, and things.

Periodicals Collection

The shelves where magazines and newspapers are kept. You can borrow past issues of magazines or newspapers for 1 week.

Reference Collection

The shelves where dictionaries and other fact books are kept. You can use them in the library to find definitions and summaries.

Research Help Desk

The place where you ask questions about finding information and learn how to use the library.


To check out the item you have again without returning it first. This gives you a later due date for the item.

Reserves Collection

The shelves behind the Circulation Desk where textbooks and class readings from your instructor are kept. You can borrow them for a short time. The Circulation Desk will tell you the exact length of time that the item can be checked out and whether it can leave the library.


To put books back on the shelf. Please do not reshelf the books you do not want to check out.

Library Services

In addition to books, the library has computers where you can study and print your work. You log on to the computers using your EAD username and the password you created. If you do not know your EAD username or password, you can find help at the Computer Help Desk.

The library has spaces available for group study, conversation, and silent study. Signs on the wall indicate which areas are quiet spaces (quiet talking allowed) and silent spaces (no talking allowed). You can find help with reserving a group study room at the Research Help Desk.

ESL Section

The ESL and ABE section of the library collection is located across from Room A. It contains sections for fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, test prep, and leveled readers.

You can search for a book on the library's homepage at https://libguides.seattlecentral.edu/library using the search box in the center of the page.

If a book is located in the ESL section, the words "Central ESL Nonfiction," "Central Easy Fiction, or "Central ESL Readers" near the call number.

Available at Seattle Central College Library Central ESL Nonfiction


Books that have the words "Central Main" are located in the main library stacks. These are the tall shelves in the middle of the room.

Available at Seattle Central  College Library Central Main


Books in the library are organized by call number. We organize our books by the Library of Congress Classification System, using 21 categories, labeled A-Z. You can look for these images on the side of the shelves in the ESL section.

Library of Congress Subject Headings M-Z