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Library Policy: Reference & Instruction

Classroom Booking

The Library has two classrooms: Classroom A and Classroom T. First priority for the two classrooms is for library instruction sessions, followed by other instructional uses. Exceptions to these guidelines may be made with approval from the Dean of Instructional Resource Services.

Instructors who bring their classes to the library for independent research or other instructional purposes - whether or not they need a classroom - should notify the reference desk to avoid over-booking the library and to ensure that adequate reference staff is available.

Description of Rooms

Classroom A accommodates 35-40 people and offers one instructor station with a computer projector. This computer is connected to the administrative network. The Classroom A computer and projector equipment should be secured in the absence of college faculty or staff.

This classroom also functions as a silent reading room for students unless scheduled for a class or meeting. Individual students in need of a silent study space may use Classroom A (Reading Room) on a walk-in space-available basis from 8am - 5pm.

Classroom T (Instruction Lab) accommodates 30 people and has 17 computers, one of which is connected to a computer projector to serve as a instructor demo station. These computers offer Internet access and access to the student network; they are not connected to the administrative network.

Currently registered Seattle Central students may use the Classroom T for course-related research unless it is scheduled for a workshop or presentation.

Scheduling Classrooms for Library Instruction

Credit classes offered by the library and library workshops requested by faculty have first priority. Faculty may use these rooms to teach research strategies and information literacy skills with or without the assistance of a librarian.

Classrooms may be scheduled through Reference staff in person, by phone, or by email. Sessions are confirmed only when the time, date, room, and instructor (if applicable) have been assigned and recorded on the reference calendar.

Follow-up sessions are limited to two per class, for a total of three sessions per class per quarter.

Scheduling Classrooms for Non-Research Uses

Classrooms are in high demand from library users. Therefore, this service is available as a last resort only. Requests for multiple reservations from the same class requires approval from the Dean of Instructional Resource Services. In general:

  • Non-library faculty and other College programs may schedule the classrooms for non-research sessions on a space available basis up to seven days in advance, but library classrooms cannot be scheduled as a regular meeting place for a non-library class.

  • In an emergency, Classroom A may be scheduled for classes in need of media equipment that cannot be provided in their regularly assigned classrooms. Classes that need such accommodation on a regular basis (i.e., more than 3 times per quarter) are advised to request campus classroom assignments where media equipment is deliverable. Such requests should be made through divisions during the class scheduling process.

  • The reference desk should be notified of cancellation as early as possible to make the room available to other users.

  • Classrooms may be booked for non-library events with significant content related to the library, information literacy, or library resources. Bookings will be made at the discretion of the library on a case-by-case basis, but no more than 1 event per week or 5 events per quarter will be booked for this purpose.

Revised 3.19.2013

Workshop Scheduling

The library accommodates requests for library instruction at the earliest possible date. First priority for the classrooms is library instruction mediated by a librarian; second is library instruction supervised by a non-library instructor. All other scheduling falls under Room Use Guidelines.

  • Workshops may be scheduled by faculty at the reference desk in person, by phone, or by email. Faculty are encouraged to use phone or email to make requests.
  • Workshops may be requested at any time and will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis; however, librarians require one week notice for preparation.
  • Multiple sessions may be scheduled as appropriate to assignment.

Quarter Breaks

Although librarians are not on campus between quarters, circulation staff may tentatively schedule workshops. A librarian will contact faculty near the start of the quarter. Library workshops are not taught during the first week of a quarter, but faculty may reserve the classrooms for supervised library instruction.