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Library Policy: Overview

Mission & Goals

The Seattle Central Community College Library supports the College's mission and learning outcomes by promoting information literacy through innovative and responsive programs, collections and services. We continuously improve those programs, collections and services through planning and assessment. We:

  • Provide instructional programs to support our students' wide range of educational goals and learning styles.
  • Develop collections to include a variety of formats and points of view that reflect the diversity of the community we serve.
  • Offer services to integrate a contemplative learning environment with current information technology.
  • Collaborate with students, staff, faculty and administration on library and campus-wide initiatives.
  • Enhance access to library resources through a variety of pathways that serve users wherever they are.
  • Advocate for the fiscal, physical and human resources needed to build outstanding library services and collections.
  • Promote the value of the library as an essential resource for academic excellence.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

The library has established the following policy to ensure that we support our library mission and our goal to: “Offer services to integrate a contemplative learning environment with current information technology.” (Developed with input from students in a forum on Student Conduct in the Library.)

  Student Rights while in the library:

  • Friendly and respectful treatment by library staff
  • A quiet place for schoolwork, research and study 
  • Clear signs and directions for library services and resources
  • Current and relevant materials for courses and programs offered by the college
  • Clean and well-maintained library facilities
  • Privacy of library transactions
  • Accommodations for students with disabilities

Students who feel these rights have been violated should follow the campus student complaint process as described in the Seattle Central Community College Student Handbook.

Student Responsibilities while in the library:

  • Follow campus student conduct policy
  • Show courtesy and respect for other library users
  • Avoid recreational use of library computers and facilities
  • Consume food and beverages outside the library
  • Turn off cell phone ringers and refrain from cell phone conversations
  • Adjust volume of personal listening devices so they are inaudible to others
  • Respect quiet study areas and use designated group study areas for discussion and collaboration
  • Notify library staff of disruptive behavior or security issues
  • Protect personal possessions from theft

Students who violate these responsibilities will be asked to discontinue the behavior.  Students who do not cooperate will be subject to the Student Conduct Procedures described in the Seattle Central Community College Student Handbook.